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New state of matter: Elements can be solid and liquid at same time

Elements can be solid and liquidScientists have discovered a new state of physical matter in which atoms can exist as both solid and liquid simultaneously.Applying high pressures and temperatures to potassium -- a simple metal -- creates a state in which most of the element's atoms form a solid lattice structure, the findings show. However, the structure also contains a second set of potassium atoms that are in a fluid arrangement.

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Meet Blue, the low-cost, human-friendly robot designed for AI

Blue the robots armsResearchers have created a new low-cost, human friendly robot named Blue, designed to use recent advances in artificial intelligence and deep reinforcement learning to master intricate human tasks, all while remaining affordable and safe enough that every AI researcher could have one. The team hopes Blue will accelerate the development of robotics for the home.

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Water that never freezes

novel lipid mesophaseCan water reach minus 263 degrees Celsius without turning into ice? Yes it can, say researchers, if it is confined in nanometer-scale lipid channels.Making ice cubes is a simple process: you take a plastic ice-cube tray like you'd find in most households, fill it with water and put it in the freezer. Before long, the water crystallises and turns to ice.

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Wonder material: Individual 2D phosphorene nanoribbons made for the first time

Individual phosphorene nanoribbonsTiny, individual, flexible ribbons of crystalline phosphorus have been made in a world first, and they could revolutionize electronics and fast-charging battery technology. Since the isolation of 2-dimensional phosphorene, which is the phosphorus equivalent of graphene, in 2014, more than 100 theoretical studies have predicted that new and exciting properties could emerge by producing narrow 'ribbons' of this material. These properties could be extremely valuable to a range of industries.

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