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Business companies

Tiamor Sadat Engineering Services (TSES)

Short Description
Tiamor Sadat Engineering Services (TSES) have been one of the well-known multidimensional and leading company in field of Engineering Services across Afghanistan. We are registered with #D-42846.

Gulf Training & Development Organization

Short Description
Human Especially in developing countries like Afghanistan, are highly deprived of their rights. They are suffering from the burden of life. They are looked as second sex and the lowest creature having no right in their houses and community.

ADOA - Afghanistan development organization for Afghans

Short Description
ADOA is a social service, non-political, and private construction company founded in 2005 and holds an official license from Islamic state of Afghanistan, official license number d01 – 143

Eagle Desert Construction Company (EDCC)

Short Description
(EDCC) Is the leading Construction and Supplying of Deffrent kinds of barrier Company in Afghanistan